For years wise men and mystics have said that magic happens during a full moon. At The Big Chill, it's always a full moon when it comes to the music.

The intimate flavor of the place makes you feel like you're in your living room with several of your friends...just hangin' out, havin' a good time and diggin' some great tunes. The magic of this cozy listening room draws you to the music with soulful blues or light rock splashed with a bit of country. And you never know who will show up to play. Often times the performances are a living, breathing musical tapestry with different guests sitting in to jam along with the scheduled performers.The synergy that is created between the performers and the audience makes you feel like you are part of it all.

Be it the casual fan or the discerning listener, The Big Chill is a showcase room that allows you to not just hear the allows you to experience it! Whether it's a local favorite or a traveling ministrel, The Big Chill offers up the ingredients to make a musical stew that will leave you smiling and feeling like you just met up with an old friend.

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